Father Ed+

Ed has been a priest since 2012, ordained at his first cure, St Mary’s, Park Ridge, in the Diocese of Chicago.  Ed’s previous careers were first as a cook, then a social worker, working in mental health for 10 years and in ending homelessness for 6 years.  He served several parishes as assistant to the Rector, Vicar, and interim Rector in the Diocese of Chicago, and most recently, St Anne in West Chester, OH.  Ed has also served as Director of a Day Camp for Chicago youth, chaplain to a residential program for citizens returning from prison, as chaplain to Ministry Discernment Weekends, and on the Diaconal Leadership Team in the Diocese of Chicago.  Youngest of four, Ed was born in Pittsburgh (still has cousins in Pennsylvania near Penn State/ State College) and grew up in Memphis, TN where his siblings still reside.  He is a product of Memphis City Schools, and Memphis State/ University of Memphis, later receiving an MSW from SUNY Albany, and anM.Div. from McCormick Theological Seminary, and DAS from Seabury.  

Ed and his wife, Beth Lee (2nd youngest of 4), have been together since 2005 and married since 2012.  They met in the soup kitchen of All Saints’ Church in Chicago (ask them to tell you their “he said/she said” versions of their early dates).  Ed and Beth were married at All Saints’— and Ed was sponsored for the priesthood—   by The Rev. Bonnie Perry, who is now the Bishop of Michigan.  Beth was born in and lived most of her life in Columbus OH (journalism degree from The Ohio State University) before moving to Chicago.

Ed (call him Ed, RevEd [one word, 2 syllables] or Father Ed) as you prefer; he has also been called “Chap/ Chappy”, “Lalo” and “Whatshisname”.  Ed is in love with Canterbury.  Ed and Beth are OVER THE MOON to be in the Diocese of Indianapolis, and in Bloomington.  Beth’s parents met at the Music School of IU, and one uncle and two cousins of hers are IU alum).  They have one canine child, a rescue beagle named Penny (“gotchadate” 1.9.2020), 6 niephlets (nieces and nephews) and 7 grand niephlets, ages 2-12, mostly all in Columbus, OH.