Thomas Wood, Treasurer

Tom holds an Electrical Engineering degree from Purdue University and Organ Performance degrees from the Jacobs School of Music at IU. Tom was a faculty member of the music school in the 1970s, founded an organ building firm in the 1980s, and retired in 2003. He then found himself hired once more by the school of music as their part-time curator of organs. The playing of organ gigs in college essentially led him on his spiritual journey. Raised in the Friends Church (Quakers), he acquired a meaningful approach to theological concepts, but found the worship expression to be un-fulfilling as a musician. While playing for several Lutheran Churches, he came to acquire a great fondness for the liturgy, but the stodginess of many Lutheran pastors (not all) didn’t always jive. Upon accepting a position in the Episcopal Church, he discovered this was a worshipping community where the theology was thoughtfully challenging and the worship invigorating. The basic concept of both Quakerism and Anglicanism is that God is a Mystery, and as such we don’t need to know all the answers. All we need to do is follow the examples of Christ and both renew ourselves and praise our Creator through the liturgies that have been handed down and ever renewed throughout the ages. For Tom, the Anglican mantra that our faith is based on Scripture, Tradition, and Reason puts all in perspective. He hopes that his faith journey that began in his college days may resonate with other students as they seek their spiritual paths.