Pow Wow 2018

On April 7, 2018, First Nations Educational and Cultural Center hosted its annual Pow Wow to celebrate historical and contemporary Native American cultures. Elenita Irizarry-Ramos, a visiting doctoral candidate from Puerto Rico, attended the event with The Rev. Dr. Linda Johnson. Pow Wow, hosted members of the Native American community from all over the nation, featuring traditional Native American dance sessions, singing, arts and crafts vendors, informational booths, and food. 

“It was a wonderful moment, where I was able to learn about First Nations’ traditions from members of the community. Being able to meet with IU Native American students and having the opportunity to pray with community leaders will be a memory that I always treasure when I return to the island.” Elenita said.

Elenita is a doctoral candidate at the University of Puerto Rico. After Hurricane Maria, the School of Education of Indiana University sponsored her along with 5 other graduate students for a 10-week fellowship to continue their research. As an Episcopalian, Elenita has been a member of the Canterbury Fellowship during her time at IU. You learn more about the IUB-UPR Education Graduate Scholars Program story here:


Members of the Episcopal Ministry at Indiana University are a blend of ethnicities from different cultures and countries. We were proud to stand with our brothers and sisters from the First Nations Educational and Cultural Center and celebrate Pow Wow!

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