Newsletter, November 4, 2019

Petition to Remake Breaking Away
ECM intern Corrine Miller, a member of the winning team in the 2019 Women’s Little 500 Race, has started a petition to remake the 1978 film Breaking Away. This award-winning movie tells the story of a fictional team of college-aged men from Bloomington who are invited to participate in the Little 500 Race, despite not attending IU. The proposed remake would instead star a team of women, potentially telling the story of the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority members who, in 1987, attempted to qualify for the men’s race. 

This petition has two main goals. First, it aims to raise awareness of the women’s race, leading to increased attendance as well as increased interest in joining a women’s team or volunteering at the race. This would lead to an increase in revenue, which goes towards academic scholarships. Additionally, the petition also aims to combat the prevalent sexism surrounding the Women’s Little 500 Race and women’s sports in general. 

The actual petition can be found and signed here, along with a more detailed explanation of its goals and an account of Corrine’s experiences as a participant in the race. 

A link to the petition can also be found on Facebook

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