Surprise Birthday Party for Mother Linda+

¬†We would like to thank you all for your support and participation in Mother Linda’s Birthday celebration. Your help, messages, and contributions made this event possible. Mother Linda was very happy with the party, letters, and messages from you. I want to give special thanks to:

 *   The Board for the contribution and trust in the event.
 *   Nathan and Rex for the wonderful hymns. You are a great duo.
 *   Jody and Donna for bringing the drinks, a delicious punch, and with the cleaning. It was a big help.
 *   Our intern’s team: Abby, Corrine, and Ben for helping me with the decorations and food. Ben, you are a fantastic colleague. He walked from his home to Canterbury and was there 2 hours early to help me in the preparation. Corrine and Abby drove from Indy to help us too.
 *   Tom, Bill, Lina, Erick, and Michelle for joining us and being part of the surprise party.
 *   Ricardo for being my partner of crime and unconditional chef’s assistant.

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